Our Specialty: The French Ground Steakburger

There are a couple of things that make the French Steakburgers so special: first, we use U.S.D.A. Choice certified quality steak, freshly ground to make our patties. Then we top each burger with our savory special sauce. Each French Ground Steakburger is made with a 1/3 pound patty. You can order a regular French Burger, a Double French (2 patties), a Triple French (3 patties), or a QUAD with 4 patties to fill up even the biggest of appetites.

We cook each patty to the perfect temperature on the flat top grill, making sure they’re always served fresh, hot and with all the juices sealed in for the best flavor. The vegetables (red onions, tomatoes, lettuce) are fresh and crisp, adding a great texture and contrast to each bite. Finally, our burgers come on a perfect, wholesome french roll, soft and chewy, and that’s what holds the sandwich together perfectly throughout the meal. To top off your eating experience, we suggest an order of our famous steak-cut fries to go with your french steakburger; arguably the largest steak-cut fries you’ll ever see.

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